Make It Pop


Creamy texture, easy to apply, ideal for obtaining a volume effect and for thickening eyelashes*. Versatile formula that can be tested with different brushes depending on the desired claim (lengthening*, curling, volume*).
The plastic waxes help create the immediate volume effect* on the lashes which will be wrapped in a veil of color from the first pass.
Castor oil adds shine to the formula and nourishes the eyelashes.
Polyvinyl alcohol increases the hold and durability of the product for a smudge-free application!*panel test for stretch and volume

Instant Plump

A lipstick with a creamy and nourishing texture characterized by immediate smoothness, extreme sensoriality, hydration and immediate volume effect*.

The combination of raw materials of the latest generation makes the texture comfortable, velvety and emollient, the polymers with very high brightness ensure a pure and bright finishThe emollient oils present give a rich touch to the formula. The color spreads easily and adheres immediately to the lips defining them precisely.

*Panel test to support

Lip Balm

Neutral balm formula, extra emollient and moisturizing, developed in different colors, recommended for daytime and night use, has a soothing and repairing effect.
It strengthens the natural protective functions and effectively prevents dryness of the lips.
The rich texture forms a thin barrier layer on the skin to prevent water loss, holding it and preventing TEWL (Transepidermal water loss).
It can be enriched with: pH reagent pigmentIt contains: Sweet almond oil Shea butter

Glow Concealer

Fluid formula of concealer with adjustable cover, with a fantastic glow effect.Lightweight and impalpable, quick drying.
The fluid and soft base, with external oil phase, contains pigments and powders for a soft focus effect: the color is very natural, it reflects light and covers dark circles and imperfections without “mask” effect.
The percentage of water gives a fresh touch to the base, a silicone copolymer gives a velvety final effect, volatile oils ensure quick drying, a special film-forming added to the base allows a good seal of the product and a natural cover.
The result is a bright and natural looking face.

BB cream

A BB cream that guarantees a modular cover, for a make up natural and bright effect.
Fluid and smooth texture.
It contains light emollients that give a feeling of multidimensional softness for a velvety skin

Enriched with:
SPF 15 filters (to be tested)
Active ingredient sebum regulator
Active ingredient anti-acne

Body cream

Body cream with a rich texture based on natural emollients such as macadamia oil, sweet almond and wheat germ thatmoisturize dry or irritated skin.
Vitamins A and E associated with extracts of hamamaelis, mimosa, centella and cucumber nourish and protect the skinleaving it fresh and velvety.